I have a problem…

… I’ve got myself addicted to Pinterest again. No good, looking at ‘Stocking & Suspender’, ‘Steampunk’ and ‘Porn’.  That now sums up my free time, when I get some.

Some now sat here reliving my youth and remember days gone by. Listening to songs I grow up with:

Just bought this as an impulse buy and really enjoying listening to it:

Just need my sons football practice to go on a little longer so I can just sit here and journey down memory lane a little longer.  

Relaxing and feeling happier than I look😉. Got next week off also, one more day of work to go.


A lunchtime walk.

Getting out the office for lunch. This seems to be my place I come and relax. Forget work for 30 minutes or so. The breeze and views are great.

Little sad though my friends aren’t about today. Saw these great guys a few weeks back whilst here in this spot. 


Got to have some time out. R.


So we have started to tackle the lounge as our next project.  The plasterer is due Tuesday so we have stripped wallpaper, removed skirting boards and generally ruined the lounge. Take a look for yourself:

The old things that we haven’t broken and hope to keep in one lave.

The log burner we installed in the first year of moving in:

The Windows. They have the old style wooden shutters you can unfold and lock closed:

So a day to get the room emptied, walls rubbed smooth, finalise the wire routings and remove any final fixings.



I must admit I wasn’t looking forwards to Valentines but I thought it might go better than it did.

Friday – had flowers delivered to her at work. Got home to be (sort of jokingly, sort of seriously) told off. The flowers and the vase full of water had fallen over in the car and the water had gone everywhere. So that started things going well. I don’t think I got a thank you.

Friday night cuddled in bed which was nice.

Saturday – I had arranged to go out Sat morning, which was fine. Me and the lad went out. When we got home the misses seemed to be in a mood. I got my orders to move all the wood for the fire to another location and make a rain cover for it all. A 3 hour task out the blue. So to make the weekend nice I did it without question. No one came to help me or did any of it with me.

Then when me and the lad got ready to go to canoe club she blow up because he couldn’t find his stuff. I was helping him find it but she just barged in and lost it. We argued. Me and my lad went out.

Sunday – she got up at 1:00pm. She hasn’t opened my card I gave her. I haven’t been given a card. She is back in bed at 4:00pm after arguing with my son over his homework.

I think that’s Valentine’s over. 
To be honest I’m looking forward to being back at work tomorrow. As I sit writing this I’m struggling to get my son to do his homework.

I think the thought of what work has to offer beats this weekend hands down. I’ve tried so hard to chill this weekend and make it a nice Valentines. I went and got a nice meal for two last night I the hope after putting the kids to bed we would eat it together tonight. I’m assuming that’s not happening.

Oh well.


Fucking bollocks…

… Woke up this morning wanting to run my hands over the misses body as we lay in bed. I didn’t as I knew she wouldn’t appreciate that.

Day seems to be ending with it being my fault my son doesn’t know his guitar. We have already argued about it.

I’m really fucking pissed off. I’m the fucking bad guy now making my son learn it while she’s playing computer games. I’m the bad guy who makes my son do his homework in the week. I’m always the fucking bad guy because they can’t talk to each other’s.

Hopes for a different 2016 are bollocks. That’s not happening is it. 

I really don’t know what I’m looking forward too.