That time of year…

So that time of year I hate approaches. I’m really not a Christmas person and it’s my birthday in December also. The two together with everything else going on means that you can’t just enjoy either. One leads into the other and then you are into the New Year festivities (which I actually enjoy more).

There is just too much going on. My son’s birthday is also in December too. So a lot of focus goes rightly on that and Christmas for the kids.

Also expectations around Christmas are never how they turn out. A time to relax and enjoy family, turns out to be hectic and financially crippling for the next few months.

So I’m sat here starting to think what is it that Christmas will bring this year.

I also want to think what can I do differently this year to make it better. Obviously thinking this way with time left until Christmas won’t help me. So I need to think what I can do to make it all more enjoyable.

So going away for Christmas last year made it better. So we might do that again?

Can I get all Christmas / holidays preparations done earlier so we can relax more?

Can I just accept and dismiss my birthday now, just pretend it’s not happening?

Do I take less more holiday? Taking into changing jobs means I don’t have much holiday left.

Can we spend less but still achieve a better festive experience?

Can I change my outlook of December as a disappointment and make it more positive?

Oh well I have a little time to think and in the worst case to prepare myself for it.

*Chuckling to self*



Pushing yourself…

I’m not sure what I want to do. I’ve landed myself a fairly easy job, I’m performing well (and seem to be getting recognise), the work life balance is easy. And the money just covers everything (and can hopefully only go up).

The problem or dilemma I have though is it is all a little bit easy. I don’t feel like I am really pushing myself. I don’t feel like I am overly challenged in the current role. Maybe if I get promotion and a new role I might be more challenged?

Part of me wants to leave here and try something a little new. Something where I would be learning and under pressure a little more. Part of me wants to go somewhere I will get paid more so we aren’t just making it through.

Another part enjoys the fact life is easier. I have more motivation outside work. I’m happier and more relaxed. But a large part of that is due to just leaving my last role.

I want to be managing people again, where I can make a difference. Where I can impact positive change, not sure I’ll get that here.

So do I stay long term, do I do a stint here and get general experience in a different industry or do I leave asap.

I’m not really sure what I should do. I’ve been here 3 months now and seem to fit in and meet (even exceed) expectations. I’m thinking getting a year under the belt can’t hurt. It’s coming up to Christmas so not sure much will happen until Feb next year anyway. If I can stay here a year and get promoted that would look good on a CV?

Hmmm. We’ll see.


End of a holiday…

Back to work tomorrow. It’s nice, I don’t mind going back. It has also been a nice break as well.

We spent the start of the holiday (Friday evening to Wednesday afternoon) away in our caravan. Not far away but a little trip and just away. Had a mix of visiting places and also at the amusement park. One of the better caravan holidays we have had as our lad was actually helpful (most of the time).

My misses worked Thursday so a day for me to get things done. A bit of tidying the house and a trip to the timber merchants. I have ordered my skirting board and picture rail, which will be delivered on Thursday. I have had to get it custom made as I can’t find the right stuff locally. Therefore that means I can progress more on the living room next weekend.

Friday our friends came over. I used to work with the guy about 6 months back. I took voluntary redundancy and got myself another job. Hence me being now in a better place overall. They are going through redundancies again now and he is going to do voluntary redundancy now. He has seen how I survived and how much happier I am. He may even come and work where I am now, we’ll see. It was a good morning catching up.

Friday night me and my daughter planned a fright night of horror movies. Her friend joined us and we watch some very un-scary movies (3 in total) We’ll need to do it again and find better movies to watch.

Friday afternoon and Saturday morning was getting plants for the pots out the front of the house and planting up. My lad went flying with the local cadets so was out most of the day.

Today has been a lazy day. Spent some time this morning looking at what I need to do to my model railway. I don’t think I have touched it this year. This afternoon has been watching my daughter get beaten at Rugby, well beaten is an understatement. I think hammered is a better description.

Now home for tea and get ready for work tomorrow.

So not a bad week off. Have to see if anything exciting happened at work. I’m assuming not.


Can’t complain

Sitting at work looking out the window at the blue sky and trees turning red and yellow as we go through autumn. Unlike this time of year, a time of change.

Well got to get back to work, can’t sit around enjoying it all day unfortunately. Maybe next week when we are away I can sit and enjoy it more. We’ll see.